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A Family Market Place 

Farm Fresh Produce

No On-the-farm Retail Sales!!!

Wholesale Produce Farm

Get a Box of the Freshest Locally Grown Produce Delivered Directly to Your Door Each Week or Pick-up Location of Choice. 

Go to Our CSA Subscription Tab to Learn More.

Looking for a Great Gift for the Person that has it ALL?? Our CSA is a Healthy Gift that Gives for Nearly Half the Year.

  • 15% Early Bird Discount if Received by March 15th
  • Over 50 Varieties of Fruits & Veggies
  • Available in 3 Sizes to Fit Your Family's Appetite
  • Multiple Pick-up Locations(Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Gilbertville, Parkersburg) for Easy Access or Delivered Directly to Your Office or Home
  • If You Refer a Friend to Sign Up; You Will Receive 1 Free bottle of Local Honey
  • Donate-a-share to local area food banks

16 Reasons to Join a Community

Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm

Picked Fresh! Delivered Near Your Door.

If you aren’t a member of a Community Supported

Agriculture (CSA) farm yet, here are 16 reasons to

join one.

Better flavor: Fresh vegetables have a

rich and full flavor. Since sustainable farming

nourishes the soil, the food nourishes our palates.

Better tasting means you’ll eat more veggies and

eat some that you may not have liked before.

More Nutritious: Freshly picked produce

grown without pesticides and sprays are more

nutritious than conventionally grown vegetables.

Safer Food: Your produce comes directly from

your farmer. No risk of your food getting damaged

or spoiled due to long-distance shipping.

Save Money: CSAs offer high quality produce at

below retail cost. The money goes directly to the

farmer instead of paying distributors and trucking

companies, and it stays in your local economy.

Save Time: You pick up a box or bag of fresh

vegetables already packed for you. No shopping


Convenient Pick Up: Easy pick up at another

member’s home or on the farm. Select a

convenient pick-up site near work or home.

More Selection: Farmers grow more vegetable

varieties than found at the grocery store. You’ll

enjoy and discover more vegetable varieties than

you might otherwise buy.

Farmer to Family Link: A CSA is a relationship

between a rural farmer and an urban family. The

farm helps bring families to the land. It serves as a

rural gathering place for urban families to share

events on the farm.

Face-to Face Connection: You can look into the

eyes of the person who grew your food and enjoy

more personal interaction in the process.

Happy Vegetables: Your vegetables are treated

lovingly and gently. Happy vegetables mean a

happy consumer and farmer.

Fun: Experience fun on the farm with harvest

festivals, dinners, celebrations, field days, family

events and more.

Education: You’ll learn new things about how and

where your food is grown.

Protect Your Children: Children are exposed to

four times as many cancer-causing pesticides in

their food as adults. Organic food contains no

carcinogenic pesticides.

Keep Chemicals Off Your Plate: Organic produce

is grown without pesticides or sprays. Pesticides

are poisons and can be harmful to humans.

Reduce Food Allergies: A rainbow variety of fresh

vegetables allows you to rotate your foods and

enjoy more selection.

Improve the Quality in Your Life: Join a CSA and

increase the quality of your life and secure your

children’s future.

Info Provided by FairShare CSA Coalition

Who We Are.....

      A Family Market Place is a family owned fresh produce farm and local hub/distributor that specializes in locally grown farm-fresh products. All of the products that we sell are grown right here in the Cedar Valley by a select group of local farms. In addition to fresh produce AFMP sells free-range brown eggs, antibiotic-free chickens/capons, naturally raised Berkshire pork, flowers, plants, ​and more.

Our small farm is located in Waterloo and we have been in business since 2012. In 2011, we planted a small garden with the intent to feed the family some of our own home grown food. The garden was only 18' by 19' in size, so it was small; we had a pretty good variety of crops planted. tomatoes, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, and a couple of pumpkin plants. Late in July, as we began to harvest our crop, we had way more fruits and veggies then we could eat.....or wanted to can/freeze. Gave some to the neighbors....and the other neighbors.....and another neighbor......and as it happened he had too much also, but he had a small idea of how to get rid of it. Take it to farmers market, and take his with also and sell it for him. Boom......the idea worked!

We didn't sell much because we didn't have much, sales didn't even cover the cost of the cheesy little supplies we used; but the idea worked. That fall and winter a business plan was developed and in the spring of 2012 we tore up nearly all of our half acre side yard to be able to plant a garden. We put up a couple of small sheds, leased a few acres from a neighbor, put up fencing for a few chickens, and off we went with our tiny little red trailer pulled by our tiny little car to farmers market and a couple of restaurant accounts that agreed to buy from us. That tiny little idea has now blossomed (with a lot of really hard work, a whole lot of "no thanks" or "no" answers and enough "yes" answers) into a year-round business that has constructed a network of about 30 farms (all of the farms we source our food from are located in the Greater Cedar Valley) to help supply our retail, grocery store, large institutional, and restaurant accounts/customers in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Hudson, Cedar Rapids, Mt. Vernon, and surrounding area towns.

We still have that tiny red trailer, but not the tiny car, we wore it out. Now we operate with two full size tow vehicles and two big trailers in order to keep pace. Our 20' foot flatbed trailer handles our farmers markets and bulk/pallet deliveries that we began using in 2013. In 2015, we purchased a second trailer, a commercial grade custom designed refrigerated (also can be set to freezer temps) trailer to handle our more sensitive food items such as eggs, chicken, pork and more perishable fruits/veggies.

Since 2014, we have also offered a 10 or 20 week CSA Share Membership to the public and now in 2019 we are preparing for the summer growing season, which is just around the corner. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the customers that have helped that tiny little idea grow into a great big dream!!!


Chad & Melanie Thomas

Wholesale Customers:

Want to become a wholesale customer?

Restaurants, Grocers, Casinos, Hospitals, Universities, K-12 Schools, roadside stands

Call Chad @ 319-493-2323 for a price quote and availability

Deliveries: Monday thru Saturday