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A Family Market Place 

Farm Fresh Produce

Extended Home Stay Local Food Bundle

50# Potatoes @ $30 - Kittleson Brothers, St. Ansgar, IA

15# Onions @ $10 - Kittleson Brothers, St. Ansgar, IA

4 Dozen Fresh Brown Eggs @ $11 - Heartland Farms, Riceville, IA

Six 16 oz. Bottles of Verve Kombucha @ $17.94

2 Gallons of Skim Milk @ $8 - Hansen's Dairy, Hudson, IA

Two 12 oz. Packages of Cheese Curds @ 9 - Hansen's Dairy, Hudson, IA

This is the base of the food bundle.  Please make your flavor selections for Cheese Curds (two units) and Kombucha (6 units)  in the sections below.  The base of the bundle is one set price, but does not include the price of the whole capons (chicken). To add the whole birds to your bundle select one of the cases in the section below or leave off the order for the non-meat eaters.

Bundle Base

Once you have made all of your selections please proceed to the shopping cart to review and place your order

Please let us know of any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your business.